Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Estron's first album - `Gwawr'

The week starting April 6th saw Estron gathered in Jez King's Pant y Gafel studio to record our first album. It took us three days to get our entire repertoire `in the can' and a bit longer to do the mixing and mastering and finally upload a selection to Bandcamp. The result is `Gwawr' and I have to say I'm rather pleased with it and it does give a good representation of what we sound like live. Four of us - me, Micky, Danny and Jess - recorded our parts playing live together, while Holly came in later due to work commitments and recorded her bits separately on top.

There was also an opportunity to finally get our act together and have a decent full band photo taken:

So this is it - the finished article:

Click on the image to go to Bandcamp
and give it a listen...