Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Welsh Pipes album `Cerrig Dymuniad'

A couple of weeks ago I finally got round to uploading the album I made in 2007 to Bandcamp. `Cerrig Dymuniad' is basically myself on Welsh bagpipes - Bacbib and Pibau Cyrn - plus a bit of Medieval double chanter bagpipes, pibgorn, bass pibgorn (that's just a really big pibgorn fitted with a clarinet mouthpiece), and recorder; Jez King (of The Mordekkers) on percussion, and who also recorded the album for me in his barn studio in Pembrokeshire; and Stef Balesi (also of The Mordekkers) on crwth on a couple of tracks.

Truth is though, it's only in the last year or so that our internet connection could have coped with the upload - Bandcamp needs you to upload music as wav files, which for `Cerrig Dymuniad' works out at about 450 Mb, and took about 3 hours to upload!

Another thing which I should have done a long time ago and have finally gotten round to is to create a tunebook to go with the album. That is, all the tunes from the album written down exactly as I play them. I've added a pdf of the tunebook to the album download on Bandcamp as a free extra.

Full track listing for `Cerrig Dymuniad' is:

1. Hyd y Frwynen / Bwrlwm
2. Morfa Rhuddlan / Digan y Pibydd Goch
3. Y Crwtyn Llwyd / Philomela / Y Hwch yn y Haidd
4. Jig Arglwydd Caernarfon / Dawns y Tylwyth Teg
5. Lloyd's Whim
6. The tune of Morfydd's Pipes / Mwynen Glan Teifi / Y Twmpathe
7. Gwynt o'r Glan / Spanish Minuet / Jig Heb Enw
8. Meillionen o Feirionnydd
9. Mae'r Flwyddyn yn Marw / Dyma Gariad fel y Moroedd
10. Ffarwel i dre Caernarfon Lon / Harlech / Brig y Brwyn
11. Lloer Dirion, Lliw'r Dydd


  1. Glad to see you've got the album back out there John. It really is a lovely set of tunes with some wonderful playing on it too. It's definitely one of my favourite bagpipe albums and one of only a handful that I keep returning to. Really good stuff!

  2. my email is info@lahorrox.com
    Thanks Rebecca

  3. I'm interested to record you for a sound commission set in Snowdonia, how can I contact you? Would you send me your email?!

    Thanks Rebecca